Our Submissions

Our contributions to national and local government policy

Road to Zero

Date submitted: 14 August 2019

We fully support the draft Strategy. Strong action plans will be needed and the role of local government needs greater recognition.

Driver Impaired Driver Testing

Date submitted: 1 July 2019

Trafinz argues for a focus on testing for Driver Impairment and prevention of harm, with prompt referrals to the health system.

NZTA Regulatory Performance and date March 2019

Date submitted: 1 March 2019

Trafinz supports NZ Transport Agency staff in their work with TLA’s on Speed Management and gives examples.

We recognise the urgent need to speed delivering safe speed environments, but this cannot be achieved by NZ Transport Agency alone.

GPS18 (2018-28)

Date submitted: 2 May 2018

Trafinz welcomes the new strategic focus, with priority to safety and access and  the rebalancing of funding across a more inclusive range of modes.  Suggestions are made about ways change should be implemented, to deliver better social, economic and environmental outcomes.

Speed Limits Rule 2017

Date submitted: 16 June 2017

Trafinz strongly supports the new speed limits rule and makes suggestions on its implementation. Such as, the use of Council Resolutions for new speed limits....


Vehicle Dimensions and Mass Rule 2016

Date submitted: 12/8/2016

Trafinz is not supporting much of this proposed Rule, in particular extra vehicle mass, width and height for goods vehicles in general use. We are concerned about the extra local road pavement damage. The submission supports new safety equipment on trucks, better monitoring by operators of route and loading and more efficient enforcement.

Submission on the Review of the Vehicle Dimensions and Mass (VDAM) Rule

Date submitted: 17/2/2016


Safer Speed Programme Submission

Date submitted: 09/05/2014

Feedback on the safer speed programme presentation.


Draft ITS Action Plan

Date submitted: 20/01/2014

See below to read about Trafinz’ submission on the Draft ITS Action Plan. Trafinz strongly support the proposed actions, in particular those that relate to improving the safety and productivity of the land transport system. They have specifically commented on Clauses 5.6; 5.9 and 5.10.

Omnibus Amendment Rule

Date submitted: 21/07/2013

Trafinz supports the rule change, but had some suggestions to make regarding School Patrol Signs and School Bus signage and parking.

FAR Review

Date submitted: 21/07/2011

A submission on proposals for targeted changes to the 2012 National Land Transport Programme co‐investment ratios (funding assistance rates).

Land Transport Road Safety & other matters amendment Bill

Date submitted: 21/10/2010

A submission on the Land Transport Road Safety and Other Matters Amendment Bill. Trafinz supports the Bill as including a valuable set of initiatives to promote road safety and under ‘other matters’ assist in the management of Council owned land.

Guidelines for Facilities for Blind and Vision-Impaired Pedestrians

Date submitted: 13/12/2007

Trafinz has a strong interest in pedestrian safety as part of its wider interest in transport safety in New Zealand.

Police Act Review

Date submitted: 31/07/2007

Trafinz has focused its submission on transport activity as from scientific research virtually every criminal act within our society has a transport component and hence policing and transportation are inexplicably linked.

Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule

Date submitted:  ???

In developing this submission we have discussed the proposed Rule changes at a meeting of our Executive.

Driver Licensing Amendment

Date submitted: 23 April 2019

Due to road safety concerns Trafinz does not support removing the requirement for driver eyesight testing at the 10 yearly renewal of driver licenses

Submission on Traffic control devices manual Part 5: Traffic control devices for general use - between intersections. Part 5

Date submitted: 18 September 2018

Trafinz comments on the need to carefully consider the safety of all users, not just motor vehicle users, when giving guidance on signs and markings, and recommends several changes and additional research

Engagement Draft GPS2018

 Date submitted: 30 March 2017

Trafinz welcomes the references in the draft to an integrated land transport system approach and evidence based policy development. We make several suggestions...


2016 Omnibus Rules Amendment

Date submitted: 12/8/2016

Trafinz supports almost all of these proposed Rule changes. Some have come from the 2014 Cycling Panel report.


Small Passenger Services Review

Date submitted: 12/2/2016

Click on the link below to view the submission that Trafinz submitted.


2013 Achievement Report

Date submitted: 4/4/2014 


Safer Journeys for Rural Schools Guide

Date submitted: 16/10/2013

A submission from Trafinz on safer journeys for rural schools that involves several recommendations.

Vehicle Licensing Reform Submission

Date submitted: 31/10/2012

Submission from Trafinz to the Ministry of Transport on vehicle licensing reform.


Submission Government Policy Statement (GPS)

Date submitted: 27/05/2011

A submission on the Government Policy Statement 2011.

Proposal for the 2020 Road Safety

Date submitted: 02/10/2009

Our proposals to assist in the development of a Road Safety Strategy for the upcoming decade to 2020.

BAC Letter - May 2009

Date submitted: 07/05/2009

It is submitted that a national blood alcohol content (BAC) limit should give clear formal guidance to drivers to promote safe driving practices. TRAFINZ believes that New Zealand’s current legal adult limit of 0.08, does not do this.

Level Crossing Guideline Nov 07

Date submitted: 16/11/2007

Trafinz has a strong interest in rail safety as part of its wider interest in transport safety in New Zealand, and we recognize the important role that rail plays in the wider community and national economy.

Guideline Parking Control (Volume 13)

Date submitted: 27/07/2007

Our comments on the Parking Control (Volume 13) draft document July 2007.

Light Vehicle Brakes Amendment

Date submitted: 23 April 2019

Trafinz strongly supports a requirement for motor cycles to be fitted with ABS, with a few minor exceptions, and argues for faster implementation

Submission on Land Transport Rule: Regulatory Stewardship (Omnibus) Amendment 2018(the Omnibus Rule)

Date submitted: 28 August 2018

Trafinz supports the amendments which generally tidy up and clarify recent changes to Acts and Rules. We also comment on the need to address problems caused by parking on berms behind the kerbs on our local roads.

Submission on Land Transport rule:
Operator Licensing 2017

Date submitted: 21 November 2016

Trafinz welcomes the references in the draft to an integrated land transport system approach and evidence...

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

Date submitted: 8/8/2016

This submission supports RCA's (Councils) being responsible for the siting of charging stations on street.


GPS2015-Engagement Draft Submission

Date submitted:11/08/2014 


Land Transport Amendment Bill

Date submitted:13/02/2014
TRAFINZ's submission on the Land Transport Amendment Bill. Trafinz supported the proposed reduction in allowable blood alcohol for drivers from 0.8 to 0.5 and suggested other future initiatives to support the change.

Palmerston North Speed Limits Review

Date submitted: 26/7/2013

A submission that focuses on the use of 40kph speed zones around school areas.

Land Transport Management Amendment Bill

Date submitted: 26/10/2012

A submission to the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee suggesting that the reading be changed "to contribute to an economically efficient, safe, accessible, socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable transport system."

Land Transport Driver Licensing Amendment Bill

Date submitted: 21/10/2010

A submission on the Land Transport Driver Licencing Amendment Bill. TRAFINZ supports the Bill, though would like to see it go further.

Amending the Government Policy Statement

Date submitted: 16/03/2009

This paper is to provide some experience responses on the GPS discussion document to help facilitate the development of a local government sector response.

Omnibus Amendment Sept 2007

Date submitted: 14/09/2007

A submission on the yellow draft of Land Transport Rule : Omnibus Amendment (Rule 10003)

MoT Review of the Transport Act 1962

Date submitted: 08/07/2007

New Zealand Traffic Institute submissions on the Ministry of Transport review of the Transport Act 1962.